Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Code-MO9506

  • 1 Colour Pad Print to Front
  • Printing area: 20 x 20mm Mushroom shaped 5.0 Bluetooth speaker/phone stand in ABS with suction cup.
  • 1 Rechargeable Lithium 180 mAh battery included.
  • Including USB charging cable and 3,5 mm plug.
  • Output data: 4 Ohm, 5V and 3W.
  • Playing time aprox. 2h.
  • Dimensions: _5 x 50mm
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 50
  • Product Code: MO9506
  • Available in the following colours: Black, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Red, Turquoise, White
  • NOTE: 1 Colour Pad Print is also available on the Left, Right or Back (20 x 20mm) as an alternative or additions at individual prices.