Torch Power Bank

Product Code: 4525

  • Powerful and fully implemented emergency powerbank with flashing battery indicator, torch function and 2 built-in lithium batteries (4000mAh/3.7V)
  • Input 5V-1A output 5V-2.1A.
  • To charge your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, GPS or music carrier.
  • Convenient for holidays, business trips, festivals, a day out and basically all those moments during a day in which your mobile device could use some extra energy, but there is no power outlet available.
  • The PowerCharger 4000 Plus complies with European directives and comes with a USB/micro USB charging cable, A-quality lithium battery and multilingual instructions.
  • When you divide the power of the PowerCharger (mAh) by the capacity of the battery in your mobile device (mAh), you know approximately what percentage or how often you can charge your mobile device.